Corporate Values (The Four Pillars)

Our corporate vision and mission stand on, and are effected by, what we call the four pillars. These are the values we take into consideration in every business decision we make, across every department in our organization:

Good People

The people are the most important aspect of our business. First-class service can only be delivered by first class staff, at Shepherd Trust, we take no chances in our hiring decisions and only take on those who can add value to our organization and possess the capacity to grow with us, and be grown by us. Customers, we take customer service very seriously and ensure that every customer that walks through our doors is treated with the utmost respect, and attention to his/her needs.

Good Products

Our commitment to the customer is expressed by creating products that serve them. We avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to product design, but instead consider the varied needs of our target demographic and utilize a constantly evolving suite of products designed to meet a variety of needs.

Wide Spread

The best products are worthless if they do not get to the people they are intended to serve. Our continuous investment in strategic cash centers, mobile banking/ tellering, ATM technology, and customer service officers, will ensure that our services are able to penetrate the last mile and get to the people they are meant for.


Common Sense

Intelligence, we make the most of the technologies available to us to run the business intelligently. Our management constantly analyses past and present performance to chart a course for the future, and to ensure best-in-class service delivery to our customers at all times. All this is made possible through our advanced banking software platform which, at any point in time, allow us to view and measure our performance through a wide range of metrics and indicators; recognize where our strengths and weaknesses lie, and apply our energies as needed. Our banking software is also interconnected with an ever increasing number of commercial banks, thus expanding the range and quality of services we offer through our correspondent banks.

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